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Clients Testimonials

Many thanks for your help in fixing the Microsoft Photo Editor on my computer. I was impressed with your proffesional approach, but most of all with your infinite patience in dealing with someone who is most definitely not of the computer generation!

Jean Strangeman , Chicago
Thank you for your help. You were both very patient with me. It was a difficult job, but we all got there in the end.
Merrill Falls , Alberta
Mr Alex Smith has today installed the anti-infection system to my computer with great efficiency and the speed with which I am how able to use has increased considerably. I have checked some files and some of the system and these are all in order. Thank you again. Kind regards.

Joy Tasker , Poole
I am satisfied with Mr Jack Watson that he made me aware of all the problems in my computer and Jake Ryder's services.
Peter Thomspon Watt , New Jersey

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Welcome to FIXSMITH, a global service provider of computer tech support! Well, we have you covered. Fixsmith takes a very detailed and complete approach to the virus removal process. We take the time to ensure that all instances of the infection are removed regularly.

Supporting both home users and the small business customer, we are your one-stop shop for tech support service. Our technicians will make it easy for you, utilizing remote computer support, which allows you to sit back and relax while we fix your computer, with no need to open your home to anyone or taking your computer anywhere. We strive to provide quality tech support service, in the comfort of your home, with no intrusion on your privacy or your time.

But, it doesnot stop there. Fixsmith technicians are experts with all kinds of computers and related devices such as printers, digital cameras, web cams, wireless routers, etc. We understand how to install, configure and troubleshoot issues so we can ensure that your technology is working to its fullest.